No sound on some titles

Hi, i’m new and i’m not sure if a similar issue has been dealt with before, if this is the case pls delete this and point me to the thread, thanks for that. Otherwise here is my problem…

Some background on devices used…

DVD recorder = locally made GC DVD Burner []

PC DVD writer = Samsung [ … rranty.htm]

Burning software = NeroVision Express (bundled with Samsung DVD writer)

My main use of the DVD recorder is to transfer old videos from old VHS tapes onto dvds. I quickly realized that my dvd recorder was not exempted from having the common problem which i read on the net where every now and then the recorder will stop recording mid-way with “no signal” message whenever it finds an empty gap between video clips…and this occurs a lot on home-made videos where you record and stop recording and record again and on and on.

So after wasting away more than 10 pieces of DVD+R, i though that i would first record from VHS to a DVD+RW because this would allow me to delete any erroneous titles or erase the whole dvd in case the “no signal” error occurs, so this would save me from throwing away corrupted DVD+Rs. Then after the DVD+RW is full i would then use my PC dvd writer to copy the video onto another DVD+R. Sounds like a good idea and it does work…to a certain extent.

So i purchased 2 DVD+RWs and one DVD-RW (which was bought by mistake really) for the intermediate transfer process. Initially what i did was to record on the RW dics and then use NeroVision to burn the content onto an image, and then burn that image onto a new DVD+R. This worked like a charm…until i discovered other wonderful features of NeroVision software.

I soon discovered that NeroVision allows us to transfer all the movie content from my RW disc into the hdd and then let me rearrange and manipulate the .mpg files to produce a new dvd with custom menu, effects, etc. i thought this was so cool. Since then i started using this feature (i think it’s called Make Own DVDs from NeroVision’s menu).

So using this feature i was able to split and cut portions from a movie file, rearrange and combine movie files taken from different RW discs and so on. The outcome was great until i discovered that in one of the burnt DVD+R, one of the titles didn’t have any sound when played on my home dvd player. i checked the video file on my pc and it played fine with the sound in tact, even when previewing through NeroVision, there was no problem with the sound whatsoever. Since then i got stuck with that problem. One in a few burnt DVD+Rs will have one or two titles without any sound.

I tried to do some troubleshooting of this problem myself. I found that one way to work around this was to disable SmartEncoding which is enabled by default. by disabling this all video files will be re-transcoded during the burning process. This managed to eliminate the no-sound problem but the burning process takes ages and the resulting burnt movie has the quality reduced…and i’m not too happy about it.

So that is where i’m at right now and still stuck. I wish i didnt have to do much more trial-and-error myself and wasting more DVD+Rs along the way, so that is why i registered in this forum hoping that soemone with much better knowledge in this matter would give me some help. Thanks.

p/s sorry for my broken English as i’m not a native speaker of English…but i hope you can understand… :frowning:

Have you checked the difference in the properties of the titles that have sound and those that do not? Perhaps there was something in the capture process you did differently for just them. You can get some of this info from within NeroVision.

You might also try changing the sound settings on the DVD player to see if you still have sound, but in a different format the DVD player won’t normally use unless told to do so.

How do i do this?

Perhaps there was something in the capture process you did differently for just them.

I think this is unlikely because often times i import all titles from one DVD+RW in one go. so any settings that i might have changed (which i have not as far as i can remember) would have affected all titles.

What is driving me crazy is that only some of the titles have the sound missing although all the titles have been recorded using the same dvd recorder, and imported using the same Nero’s Make Your Own DVD app. In fact, i can confirm that one of the affected title even had been recorded onto the same DVD+RW with a few other titles that were not affected.

When you import content, there are a couple of places you can check the properties. First, try right clicking the file and selecting properties. It might show the information, or might not.

After you get one into NeroVision, hold the mouse over the file and see what it says. If you are in the Content window, I believe you can only do this with one at a time because adding a second might change the recording parameters and not show accurate information.

If you import the file into the asset window on the editing page, you should be able to see the accurate properties.

Nero Recode might be used to get accurate information, or you can use another utility to check the file, like GSpot or AVISynt (or something like that). If all files show to have the same audio format, it won’t help, but you may notice something.

I suppose you have tried adding the bad files by themselves, to see if they work that way. You can burn them to the image recorder so you don’t waste a disc. Then just open the image (.nrg) in ShowTime to check it.