No Sound on DVD but fine on CDs?



A friend of mine bought a DVD burner, I believe it was a Lite-on burner. She placed it in a Dell that already had a stock DVD rom drive in it. She has this problem where she cannot hear sound when playing a movie–store bought or backed up. The video will play, you can watch the entire thing, but no sound. There was only one movie where we got any sound at all, and that was Monster in Law, and it was the menu screen music that played. but nothing else would.

Now when she plays a CD in either drive, it works fine. This is telling me this is software related? I have checked both Drives they are both recognized and working properly. I have tried both the Media player (Windows XP) and PowerDVD, and Interactual Player, and Real Player to play the discs. No dice on sound. I also took out one of the drives, still no dice. They are both hooked up correctly, we just cannot figure out what the deal is with sound.

If anyone out there has any thoughts on this, that would be great. I believe the version of Media Player she is running is 9, so i’ll have her upgrade that. but with the others not working as well, I don’t know. She has onboard sound on this Dell currently, I have suggested a new sound card, but that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me to do so with the sound coming from CD’s just fine.