No sound on dvd burned with convertx2dvd made from ratdvd

I have been trying to burn a dvd from my hard drive with convertx2dvd. I chose all the files in the video_ts folder and added them into convertx2dvd. When I look at the properties I do not see an audio stream listed. I know the dvd has audio since I have burned it with other programs. When I burn it with other programs the sound comes out fine (but the video will not play properly). However when I take this same group of files and use them with convertx2dvd the burned dvd has no sound. Video plays and subtitles come out fine in my stand alone player but no sound. I have made screen shots of the files in the video_ts folder and of convertx2dvd where I have loaded the files in and it shows there is no audio.

The dvd was originally a ratdvd that was converted back to regular dvd with the ratdvd program. It in the PAL format and uses ac3 for audio.

Can someone please help me to find out what I am doing wrong?