NO SOUND on downloaded home movie



I am at my wits end I need help so bad and dont know what to do. I have downloaded converters and new players til I am blue NOTHING!!! When I 1st went to play it the windows thing said unknown codec but now the video plays no SOUND . I made a short video on my digatal camera a OLYMPUS fe-170 and I downloaded it to my pc and I can not get any sound to play . The video is of my 3 year old daughter who passed away last year so to be able to hear her say Moma on the video would mean everything to me there just has to be a way to get it if the video play PLEASE tell me there is a way PLEASE I will try anything and fyi the memory chip was deleted please if anyone can help I can not tell you what it would mean to me Thank you for your time :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums mspjs, and let me say, I’m very sorry to hear of your loss. I hope I can be of some help here.

The specifications sheet for your camera says that it takes movies in Quicktime format. [I] QuickTime Movie: 320x240/15fps (HQ), 160x120/15fps (SQ) [/I]

You should be able to play Quicktime movies with either the Quicktime player:

or with VLC media player.

If you would download and install MediaInfo, and use the Tree view within it, you could examine the file and copy and paste the results for us to view. It should be one of the two formats mentioned earlier, but this would confirm that, and should show the audio codec that was used.

I do hope you have made copies of the file and burned to cd’s or dvds by now. You can also copy to a flash drive. Just for safe keeping.


You maybe need some H.263 codec installed.

Run the moviefile through GSpot. :wink:


MediaInfo posted by Kerry56 will also confirm that there is still Audio on your file.
I hope there is.


First of all i highly advise you to make a safe backup of those files before you tamper with them! It’d be devestating when the files get corrupt.

Then, make about four copies of the files, so you can work with those copies at ease.

After that you could try feeding one of those copies to the media converter website.