No sound on divx dvl avi conversion


i declare at the outset i am a newbie novice amateur who has fumbled to some success and a few road blocks , onesuch that has spoiledmy week has been after successfully converting some avi films through to mpg then dvd compliant vobs ? i tried one that is labelled as divx-dvl-avi . no problems it seemed at first as i did the 2 stages of using tmpgenc then burned the finished result , despite my testing after the 2 stages of tmpgenc and hearing no soundtrack i sort of ignored this thinking the burned result would have located and placed the soundtrack ( dumb yeah i know ) however of course it didnt so i have a perfect film but no sound , what is there different you have to do with these divx ones as opposed to just avi ones ? i am assuming this is the problem … also as i have an mpg that took some hours to encode is there a way to “fix” this without having to go through that lengthy process again ?

thanks for reading

Sure, just demux the audio (from the avi) using VirtualDubMod, decompress to PCM (raw) and run an audio only session in TMPGEnc.