No sound on converted movie

I converted an mpeg2 file over and burned it but when I played it there was no sound, any ideas what i’ve done wrong?

Hi there,

Was the input file using DTS Audio ?

I was told using DTS audio (Will play as an .AVI) but you will need a DTS Converter to hear the DTS audio off the DVD.

So I was told, might be wrong but it’s a guess…

You converted Silent Movie?
You forgot to turn speakers on?
You had your TV muted?
There was no sound at start?
There is sound but it is way too low to be heard?
Sound is 5.1 surround but your equipment does not support it?
Sound is AC3 format but you don’t have codecs for it on your system?

All just guessing; without proper information on what you did it is hard to give answer.