No sound on avi file

my brother gave me an avi file which he has asked me to convert to dvd for him, (which i don’t need help with thanks :)) but when i play the avi file on my pc, the video is fine but there is no audio. it plays fine on both his computer and my xbox. i’m assuming its a codec problem, but i have no idea whether i am missing one, or if i have too many and they’re getting confused! what am i better doing, uninstalling all my codecs and starting again, if that’s the case, how do i make sure that i have got rid of them all, and which codecs are recommended bearing in mind i do a lot of divx-dvd converting. or trying to find out which one’s mising, and again, how would i do that?

thanks for looking


It’s prob an avi using the ac3 audio codec.
Download and install from this page the file named ac3filter ver 0.70b .


Before doing anything I would suggest that you download a utility called AviCodec and check whether the avi file has any audio stream. Many a times I have noticed that avis are frequently made without audio. Anyway this utility will tell you whether the file has audio or not and if the file has audio, it will tell you which codec it is, and also whether the codec is present on your machine. If not, then search for that particular codec only and install ONLY it.

Hope this helps.

thanks for the help, it was the ac3 codec i needed, downloaded it and all’s working fine now :slight_smile:

thanks again