No Sound On 163d Headphone Jack

Installed a 163D in my emachines yesterday. Emachines online help advised not to hook up the analog audio cable since I was running XP/OS. Set existing cdrw drive to MASTER and set the jumper on LiteOn to SLAVE and hooked up the power cable and the SLAVE connector on the ide cable to the new LiteOn 163 DVD ROM. It seems to work well but there is no sound from the headphone jack on the front of the DVD. I do get sound from the desktop speakers. The CDRW drive analog audio cable is hooked to the motherboard. Any advise as to how to get sound out of the headphone jack on the front of the LiteOn 163D dvdrom drive? Thanks in advance

Sound only comes out when you are playing an audio CD through the drive. There is no reason not to plug the audio cable in.

The analog audio cable from the CDRW drive is plugged to the mother board. If I install the analog audio cable to the new DVD ROM (LiteOn 163), to what would I attach this cable to? Thanks.

Either get a dual analog cable, or some soundcards (motherboards too?) have multiple connections, such as CD2 or AUX.

or dont bother with the cables and just turn on digital mode from within windows.

The headphone jack on the drive will only output audio if it is playing back an audio CD in analog mode. If you are using digital playback mode (as Windows Media Player defaults to), the headphone jack will not work.

well if your going to listen to the audio cd with your speakers then why care if the front jack works.

same goes if your using headphones, why bother with having the sound come out of the speakers.

turning digital mode on and off only requires a right click on the drive and going to the properties option.