No sound n orginal dvd on standalone player?



I wasn’t sure where to post this. I just got “hero” from blockbuster online. This is of course an oem rental disk (I have heard of this happening with netflix). it has no sound in my dvd player (I know, try it in my computer). I just want to watch it and return it. I suppose I would be wrong if I ripped it to my computer to see if the audio was there?


you don’t have to rip it - just play it on your pc-dvd-player (powerdvd, windvd or whatever you use)


I guess I wasn’t quite clear. I tried to play this dvd disk on my stand alone player. this is an original, pressed dvd, rented from blockbuster online. It wil not play on my koss player. The fact that it had video without soudn, made me interester, are the sound files even there? Thats why I was talking about ripping it. I do not own this


disk. I rented it and just want to watch it. I put it in my standalone player and it plays video only (no sound on the tv). Again, I just want to watch it and return it, but I cannot watch it becuase there is no sound. I know that I cannot legally copy it to my computer but if watching it means ripping it, then I’ll rip it, I’ve paid to watch it?


Razor, got you now… I was runnig a little slow, just play it on my computer to watch it. I’ve got rca cables running from my computer to my tv so if it plays on my computer, then it plays on my tv. But why wont it play on my standalone player (original pressed disk)?


Ok so I tried to play it on my internet computer no go. I tried to play it on my main computer and it played fine with sound. It played off the included ati 8500 install (a real ati), that sob plays anything. I swear I canot find half the codexes that card has. I shouldn’t hav to find the codexes though. This is a prerecorded, pressed dvd. IT wont play on my standalone, and it wont play on one of my computers (time to switch cabels and reconfigure video to go to the tv), I shouldnt have to do this on a pressed disk.