No sound mpeg "MERGE AND CUT"

Hi all, any of you brainboxes out there know the reason why i loose sound halfway through the film, when i use TMPGEnc to split the film into 2 halves. I converted the Dvd to Avi using clad dvd 3.3 I then converted to mpeg using TMPGEnc. At this point the conversion was ok and there is sound all through the film. But when i try to split film into 2 using “merge and cut” on TMPGEnc the film splits into 2 ok but when i check the film on part 1 the sound dissapears halfway through, and the second half has no sound at all, I would be most greatfull if anyone could help.

Many people have reported this problem from time to time with no real answer of a fix. I believe its a codec issue. You dont have Nimo codec pak installed by any chance ?

I would suggest trying a couple of options.

  1. Use an OLD free version of TMPGEnc like ver 12a.

  2. Use another program such as MPEG-VCD ( from ) or bbMPEG ( difficult to use if your new to the program)

Thanks chicken man…I do not have nimo codec installed…do i need it?

The Nimo pack has screwed up more system than it ever cured, I strongly suggest you un-install it. If you need any codec’s, than always get them individually.

Dear Chicken man, thanks for the information you obviously know your stuff…just to let you know that the problem is now sorted. I managed to find an older version 12a tmpgnec and firstly split the already encoded film…still no sound halfway through…so i re encoded all of the film again and now i have sound on both halfs of the film. Problem obviosly occurs in the encoding process from avi to mpeg…thank you for your help. And no i do not have any nimo codecs installed. I have aspi 4.71.2 installed but not quite sure what that is…is that a codec?
Regards Moose.