No sound last third of blu rays



I am running win. 7 on a high end gaming comp. Lg modisc DL blu ray burner and a asus SL blu ray burner. ImgBurn software to burn and AVS video converter 8.4 to convert if necessary. Most of my disc have no sound for the last half or third of the movie. This happens using either burner, using different media and from different starting formats. I am certain that is not a limited space on the media problem. I am stumped. I should add that the original files have sound. Thanks for your help.


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think i got it. sorry i am an old guy new to forums


No problem I’m an old guy too.
Just a member here myself but I’ve been around this forum a long time & I know what is done.
As I posted in the other thread I’m sure Cinavia is the problem.


TY working on a fix for Cinavia with AnyDVD


You’ll need CloneBD as well, if you want to try Slysoft’s solution for Cinavia.

Are you certain that it [B]is[/B] Cinavia? Cinvavia should kick in at the 20 minute mark, and it will show a warning message on the screen saying that the sound has been disabled.

Cinavia does seem the most likely culprit, but I am uncertain of what you are starting with if you are using AVS converter on anything. Not a program I would recommend by the way.


I haven’t ever seen the message.


Give us some examples of movies that are displaying this behavior. Only a limited number of movies have Cinavia protection.

DVDFab has a list of Cinavia infected movies:

You’ll notice that there are a few DVD’s that have Cinavia, as well as the long list of Blu-ray.

Also tell us what you are using to play the movies.


Apollo 13 and Interstellar are the latest. Doesn’t happen to every bluray but a good number of them. PS3


As far as I am aware, neither of those movies have Cinavia.

Searches on the net bring up nothing. Apollo 13 was reissued in a remastered edition lately, but it was released by Universal Studios, and they don’t have too many movies with Cinavia. Sony Pictures is the main studio using Cinavia.

Interstellar was made by Paramount.

You may have something entirely different going on. Are you working with original Blu-ray discs or some other source? Are you converting to Blu-ray video, or are you playing other types of media files, simply burned on blank Blu-ray media?


I should have asked if jimmyted was getting the warning message.
I knew the time amount was longer from what was posted but I thought he may have just though it was longer than it was.

Now with knowing the movie titles it seems unlikely it is Cinavia.

My next suspect is the converter & not enough information to know what it is. Nor what type a/v file it is converting to.

[QUOTE=jimmyted;2756749]AVS video converter 8.4 [/QUOTE]

@ jimmyted , Are you converting to a .mp4 or .mkv or some other format ?


all original blu ray


Ok, so you’re starting with original Blu-ray discs. Do the original discs have any issues playing in the PS3, or are you having the sound cut out on backups you have made, or on media files (mp4, avi, mkv) that you might have made from the originals?

If you are converting Blu-ray with the AVS program you mentioned, which decrypter are you using? There are only three that are reliable enough for me to recommend, those being AnyDVD HD, DVDFab Blu-ray Copy and MakeMKV. Of those, only MakeMKV is free.

So, we need to know the process you are using. Feel free to hit us with a long post this time, with details of what you are doing.


@ Kerry . This seems to be the “AVS Video Converter” :

I don’t know if you have it . I don’t & I don’t plan to.
It is one of those with a watermark on the trial version.
I rarely test any software that does that. I also didn’t try
finding any reviews on it to see if it has the audio problem for others.