No Sound issues with Nero

I’ve wasted countless DVDs now trying to burn a video me & my friends made to DVD. Its an AVI file and every time i attempt to burn it to the DVD it comes out with no sound. I’m extremely frustrated at this point wasting so many DVDs, but I’ve also tried using WinAVI to convert it to DVD format or w/e but that still ends up with no sound! Please someone help me out here; I’m going crazy! :confused:

Thanks everyone for your overwhelming help with my problem…d-bags.
Anyway I finally got it all straightened out. I just made the stupid mistake of having my codecs all messed up. To help out anyone else who maybe experiencing similar problems I got my codecs from here. K-lite codecs

Just a tip for you. Never burn directly from any conversion program. Always do that separately after you tested that it plays OK on the PC.