No sound in Nero Vision Express 3


I bought Nero OEM Suite and everthing installed fine. The main purpose of using this software is for the Capture Video to Hard Drive feature as part of Nero Vision Epress 2. I would like to record from my haupague tv card to my hard drive.

When the Capture video to hard drive is opened i can see the channel and hear the audio. But when i click record the video continues but audio stops. Same during playback.

I updated to Nero Vision Express 3 but now i have no sound what so ever and the audio properties button is disabled!

Any ideas what could be wrong?

I have a similar problem with an AverMedia 150M card. Have visual images and can record video but no sound. I have GBPVR which works fine with my tuner (records audio and video).

Anyone have any ideas how to get the tuner cards to pass audio?


After some searching, I came up with this compatibility link:

NeroVision 3 Supported Capture Devices

They list a few for version 2. I don’t see yours on the list, so maybe you got lucky with version 2. They state version 3 is supposed to have higher compatibility but the list is not posted.

Good Luck!