No sound in DVD

Hi Everybody! Hope someone can give me a clue on what to do. With music, I got sound. But when it comes to playing a DVD, there’s no sound.
None. So, there’s nothing wrong with the mojo sound. The DVD itself plays perfectly, except there’s no sound. It has to be with my two DVD players. LiteOn SOWH-812S and Samsung Writemaster TS-H552U DVD Burner. But why would a CD play music, but the DVD be mute?

I’ve checked in the Device Manager and everything is fine. A couple of days ago I downloaded Windows Media 1 Beta. I thought that might be the problem, so I tried to use Real Player and then Nero. Nothing.

This is what Real One Player said: RealOne Player is not able to find the software that came with your DVD drive. In order for RealOne Player to play DVDs or VOB files, you must first install the software that came with your drive. If you have already installed this software, it may be experiencing problems and you may need to reinstall it.

Software? What Lite-n came with was a My Sonic DVD cd. Am I not catching something?

The DVD’s play fine in my other computer.

Hope someone can help.

You need a DVD software player, like WinDVD or Power DVD, or this free one VLC Media Player

Also, check your sound settings and see if ‘wav’ files has been turned down too. I agree with the above, you should definetely try vlc player.

Thanks, Pipemanid! VLC did it! Got my sound! :clap: :slight_smile:

Thanks sikoone! I got VLC, and that did it. Works great! :clap: :slight_smile: :bigsmile: