No sound in drp

When I preview certain parts in dvdremakepro, there is never sound. Is that supposed to be like that or do I miss some codecs or something? It was no problem till now, but now there are two exactly the same pieces of video and I can’t find out which is with the original sound and which with the commentaries. :confused:

If you play parts you have to expand AUDIO tab (upper right side of window) and click on first line (track 0 “zero”) otherwise sound will not play.
As for director comments, they are usualy encoded in AC3-2channel where original movie is AC3-6channel, DTS or so.
First audio is usualy Englisch, other channels are different languages, last is AC3-2channel

Make sure you select the stream number in the Audio Tracks pane to listen to sound. Currently only AC3 and MPEG audio can be heard.

Obviously, DTS or at least LPCM should get support as well. Add those to my growing wish list of missing features.