No sound in divx to DVDR



I followed every step in the “How to convert your DivX’s to DVD±R” tutorial, but in the end i bever get sound… what am i doing wrong? i can see the video clearly, but no sound whatsoever… also when using tmpgenc author, when i select the video file then the audio file, it says something about the rate being too high… i get this:
The combined bitrate of the clip exceeds the upper limit for a standard DVD.

The combined bitrate of the video and audio of clip “xxxx” of track “xxxx” is exceeding the upper limit for a standard DVD.
The current bitrate is 9800 kbps for video, 192 kbps for audio, and 9992 kbps combined.
It is necessary with a combined bitrate of less than 9.848Mbps (9848kbps).
so what am i doing wrong?


It might be a silly question, but do you get sound on the Xvid before conversion? I had a similar problem where I didn’t have the right audio codec installed…


yeah i do get sound before the conversion, i figured out that bit rate thing, so thats all fixed, now i just need to find out why i get no sound in the dvd and only video…


Demux the sound and re-encode manually using toolame (you have to decompress it first).


To be honest, its probably just quicker just to use procoder express - i’ve never had a problem with any divx/xvids, and it outputs ready-to-burn DVD vob files…


i got it working, besweet wasnt doing the job right converting the audio to ac3… so i used ffmpeggui and now everything is working fine, thanks for trying out to help me.


BeSweet dropped the ability to make ac3 files a few issues back but their latest beta has now introduced it again using a ffMPEG pluggin. Its at