No Sound in ArcSoft Showbiz DVD2

Hello there,

I have used ArcSoft Showbix DVD2 on a previous computer an everything worked fine, but now I am experiencing problems. When I import clips from DVDs, the files do not have sound when played in ArcSoft, but if I play the clips in Windows Media Player or any other program, the sound is there. Any one have a solution for this?

I am experiencing the same problem.
Did you fix it and can you tell me how?

Give this a try ac3filter

What is your computer’s OS?

I downloaded ac3filter yesterday and it fixed the no sound problem I was having with WMP and Realplayer. The problem occurs on video files I’m transferring from a Sony Hard Disc drive camcorder which I then want to edit in Showbiz. My desktop is Windows XP Home Edition.

You might want to try a free trial of Ulead Movie Factory 6 or WinDVD Creator