No sound in a CloneDVD copy

I’m using trial, and AnyDVD trial to backup a disk.

I run ‘copy title’, select the main track, and clonedvd will copy it, but when I test it in WinDVD there is no sound.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m just opening a file, and it isn’t a complete dvd image, but I’ve tried everything. Even copying without the DTS track, and just AC3 because dts isn’t important for this and I read here that maybe it conflicts in a situation like this.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?

Update: This was a new hardware and software build and it seems now that there is no sound out of the liteon or windvd, which may be the cause.

Please ignore/close this post until I can pull the case apart and verify the build.

Hi. After intense googling I came across this:

I guess this fits my system exactly. New Xp install, SP1, Intervideo, and bill.

After applying the patch, reinstalling windvd, and rebooting, dvd files played normally through windvd.

So in short, clonedvd and anydvd were working flawlessly, they just had to deal with bill.

My $0.02

Thanks for telling us about the solution.

I have a similiar sound deal, My backup of Finding Nemo plays fine in my pc LiteON DVD player [ with PowerDVD ], but when I put it in my Samsung stand alone, there is no sound, I used both ANYDVD/CLoneDVD and Shrink DVD/Nero, with the same result. I have made good back ups before of other programs, both “these” were made using -R media, both plus and minus media work in my stand alone, I may try a +R burn.

Any other “tips”