No sound IFO. file


I have read Chickenman’s brilliant guide to converting a DivX/AVI file to DVD and have got to the point of burning it to DVD with Nero Recode 2 :slight_smile: . The problem :frowning: right at the end of Chickenmans guide it says check the IFO. file to see if its Ok. I do so and it is fine apart from there is no sound. Is that Ok and will there be sound if I burn the Audio_TS and the Video_TS to a disc. If there should be sound please could you give me your advice to sort out what I may have done wrong.



Yes you should hear sound if your using WinDVD or PowerDVD or similar to play the IFO/VOB files.

Unfortunately the latest BeSweet (and that includes BeSweet GUI & AC3 Machine) no longer produces AC3 files, even though it goes through the motions. :frowning: :frowning:

Check out TMPGEnc Sound AC-3 Plugin for converting your WAV to AC3. It does work. :slight_smile: I will be posting a Tute in the next day or so on how to use it.