No sound, humming speakers



I have been getting a terrible humming and almost no sound. I have been using my speakers (karmon) 2 of them, for about a year, no problem! We had a terrible lightning storm a couple weeks ago. Could it have fried something on my puter. Sorry, dont know much of the guts of this baby! Every thing else is working fine! Tried another cheaper set of speakers and got the same results.

My hook up is… color co-ordinated… black goes in black. Speaker wire!
Hope this is enough info for someone to help me!

Any help apprecieated!



If you tried another set of speakers and got the same result sounds lik eit is not to do with the speakers but wither software issue or conenction issue on on the motherboard/soundcard.


Same thing happened to a friend of mine during a storm. Turned out that the onboard sound card got fried