No sound from burnt CDs



Hi All
Running W98SE PIII 800 128MB
Having a problem with burning CDs.
Number of tracks and times are correct on disc but no sound.
This has been tried with WM9, Real Player 10 and Easy CD Creator 5.
Another CD Writer was used to see if it was hardware but the results were the same. Another brand of media was tried too.
It plays CDs and music files on the hard drive no problem.
Any suggestions?


Just a few questions: Have you tried the burnt copys in any other cd/dvd-roms or standalone players?

Never tried them so I couldnt say if its the software. Are you burning the discs TAO or DAO? Are you closing the disc?


It seems as if your computer is playing the music via analogue from the CD drive but you don’t have a cable connected between the drive and your soundcard.

This is nothing to worry about… just look around in the options of your players and/or your CD-ROM and enable “digital” audio playback.


Thanks for the replies.

Discs have been tried in regular CD Players (that have played PC created CDs with no problems) and other PCs.

Discs are closed at end of burning session

Cable (the one with the white connector) is connected at drive and soundcard. Playback is set to Digital.