No Sound for Kick Ass 2

I have the standard DVD Kick Ass 2 and within 20 minutes the audio cuts out and l have a Blu-Ray player that plays both Blu-Ray and Standard DVDs and it is the Standard DVD l have problems. l am in Canada so not sure if that makes a difference from buying the DVD.
Any help would be greatly Appreciated


Hi Jeannie
What version did you use? I was able to copy Kick Ass 2 with DVDFAB with no problems

This sounds like you have the [thread=335144]same issue[/thread], that user iceman1047 has.

Just backed it up with and after 21 minutes it went audio is protected by Cinavia is only temporary. If l play it on a DVD Player that only plays standard DVD no problem but l have a new Blu-Ray player that plays both Blu-Ray and standard and if l play the standard DVD on the new player then a message pops up as soon as sound stops with Protected by Cinavia and l want to watch it on my new player not the old standard DVD Player. How do l uninstall the Cinavia cause this would be a great way to stop us from backing up any DVD if they decide to change all DVD movies in Cinavia Again any help would be Appreciated.


Watch the original DVD on your new player as no fix for on blu-ray palyer

If it is a Cinavia problem you have to play the dvd on a older Blu-ray player made before 2012.
I don’t know of any way to uninstall Cinavia .

Jeannie, we have on this site threads dedicated to the topic of cinavia.
As it stands now, there is no good way to remove this watermark without a diminished audio.
So if you have a fairly recent blu-ray player, it will detect and mute the audio and there is no way to get around that.
This applies mainly to a backup disc copy made from the original (that contains cinavia).

The best idea is to use equipment that doesn’t honor the blu-ray disc license for backup discs.
This can be an older generation blu-ray player or an easier way would be to process the BD files further so that the file can be played back on equipment such as through the usb port.

Many BD players can handle usb files, even though they detect cinavia on disc will let it pass if it is a file.
LG is such a brand, perhaps there are others but there are reports that Sony and possibly Samsung that detect cinavia in file playback.

There are many Media players that can play files, whether BD or dvd.
Some TVs have built-in media players that can play them.

Also there are many people that use a computer to playback files through software players.

Or possibly a new dvd player that upconverts should be able to play them.
(I haven’t yet heard of any dvd players that detect cinavia but it is possible for
makers to add detection chips.)

I am just pointing out that even though we don’t have a good system yet to remove cinavia, there are plenty of ways to playback the backups using other means.