No sound - DVD writer LG GSA-4167



Gday all, I have installed and set-up my shiny new LG DVD writer (model GSA-4167B) and it plays DVDs but not the sound. I put in an audio CD and the sound is fine. Sound is also ok when I reconnect the existing CD ROM drive. I’ve tried plugging the drive sound connection into the “CD” and “Aux” ports on the motherboard. The soundcard is on board (so I was told- just bought the PC 2nd hand). I can return the drive as it’s days old and under warranty but perhaps I’ve not set it up right; do I need to change any of the sound settings? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have win 98 SE and Power DVD. I am a newbie. Cheers! Dave


I have the same dvd writer as you and I’m kind of thinking that it might not be win 98 compitable. From personal experience I can say that LG GSA-4167 does have sound support for dvds, because I’ve watched a few on this very pc.

You might want to return the product and get it exchanged with something from HP or liteon.



You have one of the best OOD’s out there-

Would strongly suggest upgrading to Windows XP Home and launch yourself from 1999 to 2006 - and a very good operating system too - and it will solve more than DVD problems too-eh!



If anyone’s interested, it turned out to be a driver issue - the one supplied by the last owner wasn’t the right one.


Optical drives use a standard optical drive driver.


Did the driver fix it? What was the old driver and what did you change it to?


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