No Sound ( copy DVD's to BluRay)



Copied the complete Downton Abbey, after ripping the DVD’s, to a 50GB BD-R. There are 7 discs and all was successful except no.4 which has no sound on playback. Did the complete process again and the same result. Is it possible
to rectify this problem or is it the instability of the program which some reviewers refer to? Any assistance will be very much appreciated. Thanks.


I haven’t had this issue the several tests I ran. What version are you using? What plugin are you using as well?


Hi, Thanks for your prompt reply. I have the ULTIMATE version and Machinist plug-in. All the discs were ripped by DVDFAB using the “customise” option .This may have some bearing on the problem. Now that I also have the Machinist plug-in installed, I shall rather rip with DNC in future. Thanks again.


Sorry I have no experience in using a 3rd party product then DNC.