No sound coming through to tv

I am really confused with this problem am a newbie so please explain clearly if you can :confused:

I have a Panasonic NV-GS17 camcorder and a Philips 37" TV model 37pf7531d/10 when I try to watch recorded tapes on TV I get no picture using the jack on camcorder and the three colours red white and red to TV but when i use the s video lead as well i get picture and no sound, I’m pretty sure I’m connecting it right ,so do you think it’s a problem with the camcorder. also Ive tried different leads but it’s still the same.

Been trying this for two days now,pulling my hair out:a

Ive only it twice and it is out of warranty, but would like it working so i can take it on holiday with us,

Please help me


White and Red are for sound only. If you require sound, connect them.
Yellow OR the black SVideo is for video.

Make sure your tv is set to the correct sound-in