No sound at all!

I had a “professional” install two new CD-RW drives in my computer and when I tested them for audio playback I get no sound. I also get no sound when trying to play mp3s on my computer!

Windows Volume Control - all the settings are fine, nothing is muted. My speakers are connected and on.

Both of the new CD drives are enabled and the checkbox is ticked for digital playback.

The “professional” installed the software that came with my new Lite-On drive, DOS Driver; Nero Express 6; INCD 4; Power DVD.

He also ran Spybot too aggressively and lost my internet history. I’m running Windows 2000 Service Pack 4. Please, could someone please help? I am going to call him tomorrow to see if he can try to fix this but he is not a very knowledgeable person (I got ripped off badly) and I’m worried he won’t be able to fix it. Please can anyone help?

do you have any sounds at all ? like system sounds when errors occur etc ? one thing to check is if the “pro” installed the audio cable from the drive/s to the sound device [ either onboard or to the sound card ]. open the PC panel and see if a thin cable/wire [ red, black and white ] is connected to the CD drive and some place else. however, this is not really why would you get no sound…could be sound drivers, but also he/she may have disabled onboard sound [ if your system has it ] in BIOS options. so you’ll need to check there to.

Hi Ghosters, no system sounds either. I have copied and pasted your reply into notepad to show him if he comes back tomorrow. Thanks so much! I don’t know how to check the BIOS, etc. I am very inexperienced with the technical aspects of my computer and I really apologize for my ignorance. It’s embarrassing. (But even when I do follow instructions, like with the DMA, it just doesn’t mirror what’s on my computer. Sometimes I’m able to solve problems myself and I certainly installed the last CD drive myself, and a second HDD, but I’m just not able to figure out these recent problems.) Thanks so much, again.

to check DMA status try nero info tool from
run it, go to the configuration tab.

Thanks Ghosters! When I run the Nero Info Tool > Configuration, there is still no listing of Primary and Secondary IDE Channel. All that is listed are my two hard drives and the two new CD-RW drives. Maybe it’s because a hard drive and CD drive are not installed on the same ribbon cable? I have no idea. My computer just doesn’t match. But thank you so much for your patience and help.

Resolution: Chalk one up for another bout of sheer stupidity. The speaker plug was in the line-in slot instead of the speaker slot - that was how the “pro” plugged it in yesterday. But the weirdness is that I checked that last night and I did plug the speakers into the speaker slot and it still didn’t work. But it’s working now.

More weirdness: when I right-clicked an mp3 earlier (before the speakers were sorted out), the hourglass flickered wildly and Winamp loaded over 600 entries of that song!

More weirdness: Nero InfoTool > Hardware does not list my soundcard under sound. It lists:Modem #0 Line Playback. I have no idea why.

But I am extremely relieved to have sound back. I don’t know why it didn’t work last night when I switched the speaker plug to the speaker slot, but it’s working now, and maybe I was mistaken (although I don’t think so) because the computer back is now facing the wall and it was dark - I might have plugged it into yet a different slot, despite the flashlight, etc.

Ghosters, thank you so much for bearing with me with all my weird problems. I wish I could repay the favor to you and braynes. There are obviously other problems going on with my computer (no listing in the appropriate places of Primary and Secondary IDE Channels; explorer.exe crashing; the weird right-click thing that just happened) but at least I do now have sound and two apparently working CD-RW drives.