No sound after creating Mpeg2

Hi ,

I used Nero Vision Express 3 to create a DVD compilation from several avi files now everything was sucessful and now the pictures come but the sound
is failing, no sound…

What could be causing this???

I did Make a Video and “DVD-Video” then in Video Options I left the audio options at " Dolby Digital (AC-3) 2.0, the other option is “LPCM” …
Even if I make a DVD image file and then try to reload it and view it with
Mediaplayer there is no sound, so definately something doesn’t compute
during the convertion from avi to MPEG2 with in Nero Vision Express 3

HOWEVER is i run the dvd image file I just created from Avi file , it does have sound when played with the Nero Vision Express 3 program “nero Show Time” But it’s doesn’t sound on Mediaplayer or other media players, and worst of all
it doen’t give sound on my Philips regular DVD player …!!

I have enough CPU power and enough RAM , so don’t doubt that ,
Can you please assist
thank you

Well, that’s interesting. I was just about to post that I was using the most recent upgrade of Nero Ultra ( and had just used Nero Recode to create an mp4 file from a “white bread” DV AVI file and it also has no audio. The AVI file plays fine and has 2 channel audio. I tried different players form Nero to WMP 10 to the most recent release of Zoom Player. Graph Edit shows the same graph for all my mp4 files, including the one with no audio. GSpot will render the file fine, but there’s still no audio. All my mp4 files created with the previous version of Nero Recode play fine. I didn’t change any settings between the upgrade of Nero. Other than the Nero upgrade, no other software has been installed or upgraded.

Yeah, yeah, I know :rolleyes:, uninstall Nero, use the cleaner tools and reinstall everything. Somehow I don’t think that is what is wrong.

I just did a test from an .avi file using Nero Vision Express 3.1.00 to a Plextor DVD recorder audio set to AC-3 and sound was not an issue on playback either on P.C. or standalone DVD player. How where the original .avi files created?


I just noticed something on my system. If I use Recode to take an MP4 file that I did with the previous version and recode it with the version in NVE, the sound in the new file stops working. But if I use Nero Showtime and switch the output from “SPDIF” to “2 speakers”, the “new” file plays fine. Both the original and recoded files show “AAC, 2 channels, 127 kBps” in the OSD. Thanks for the quick response.

:slight_smile: Well, I uninstalled everything, used the cleaner tools and reinstalled all the Nero software and now everything works fine.

Ok, so, I ran into the same problem while converting some VOB (DVD) files to Mpg. As was mentioned, GSpot didn’t pick up an error, because the AC-3 codecs are already installed (duh). The PROBLEM is that I chose to use the SPDIF option in my AC3 config. Some AC3 Filters have built in menus to alter your output options, such as the one I use, AC3Filter. I simply unchecked the box marked SPDIF in the Output. If you don’t have this option, try uninstalling and reinstalling, being careful to NOT choose SPDIF in the installation process.
Now all my MPG2’s etc play with GORGEOUS audio! :smiley:
Hope this helps