No sound after copying 18 Blocks

I am using a licensed version of AnyDVD, Ver. My PC setup has not changed and I can play the original in the player. But, after trying 2 copies, neither will provide the audio. I am using Power DVD7 but confirmed the problem by attempting to play the burned DVD using WMP 11 - no sound again.

So, I think it’s the SW and I believe I just upgraded it.

Just played a copy of The Matador and it works fine.

Help! :confused:

It depends on what formats are on the source and which one you have copied…

Maybe you just need to choose the correct audio output or track in the DVD prefs/setup.

I found this post, hope it helps.

There are several threads that speak to this over on the fab forum, if you’re interested you can do a search. Here’s the referenced thread

16 Blocks?

Uhhh…figured the OP meant the recent release “16 Blocks” with Bruce Willis.
Just checked on Imdb and there are no hits for “18 Blocks” whatsoever…
Since 16 Blocks has the aforementioned problem, it seemed pretty logical.
Am I missing something here?

No I’m pretty sure your right on.

Yep - meant 16 Blocks - bad light.

Going to try using DVD Shrink rather than 1CopyDVD to see what happens. I do recall I had the option, when viewing the movie, to select WS or FS. Seem to have more options with DVDShrink so will post when I am successful or not.

Thanks for your replies and helpful hints. :slight_smile:

DVD Shrink worked - just takes longer than 1ClickDVdCopy 3.2 - but has more flexibility.

Again thanks for the replies.

I can’t remember what movie did that for me. I had a movie burn without sound in shrink. But when I went to play it in my standalone player it worked fine. I think my soundcard is going to pot.