No sound after burning



Alright, here’s my problem. Right now, I’m trying to burn a dual-layer DVD. It completes a successful burn, and plays in pretty much any drive that reads DVD’s. However, there’s no sound when it plays. When it asks me to preview before burning, the sound comes out loud and clear. The product, though, has no sound.

I don’t know if these could lead to a problem, but I’ll list them anyway:

-Before burning, I turned each clip’s volume up to 170% (they were quiet when ripped)
-I also used one of the CD Label-Maker disc labels on there.

Interesting to note is the fact that I have recently updated the burner’s firmware, and I downloaded the most recent patches.

My burner is a Sony DRU-500A, and I’m using NeroVision Express 3 (updated with a patch from Nero’s site about a week ago, the first two available)

Please help if possible! Thanks :slight_smile: