No sound after burning dvd

I bought a LG GSA-E40L dvd burner. Installed the LG DVD writer solution disc, imported a video from my canon dc330 camcorder to my pc, did a little editing with the canon editing program, mainly just cliped off the beginning and end, used the LG software to export to the dvd burner. Everything seemed to go as expected, when it was finished it ejected like it should, I put it in the player to watch, it started playing fine, but 30 seconds or so into it, the picture started jumping, the sound was static, then the sound went out, it would play the video, but the audio was gone. I recorded it to a maxwell dvd+rw if that makes a difference. Anyway, that was my first attempt at burning a dvd, so hopefully I did something obvious to someone experenced in the dvd burnin bidness :slight_smile: The only thing I can think of is maby my pc was lacking memory, but I would have thought it would prompt me that it was low on memory, which it didnt. Oh well, thats my New Guy question… Thanks>>>>>>> Mike