No software with the burner Help



I just ordered a Lite-On LH-20A1H-184 DVD burner that does all formats w/Lightscribe. I didn’t get any software with it because I failed to see that it was OEM instead of retail. I’ve been to the Lite-On site but no software there. I just simply overlooked the “No software included” in the item description. It will be here in a day or two, any suggestions on where to go from here to get the needed software and beat it’s arrival? I do have Nero 7 Premium on my computer but don’t know much about it.
In all honesty I bought this unit for the lightscibe feature only, as I have 2 other burners in my computer. Help?



You can use Nero 7 since you already own it you can also get Imgburn as it is ree as well and burns ISO’s too. There is no need for special software for a new burner any burning application will do. As for Lightscribe you can get that driver to use nero free in the link.


… and in the Nero software pack you can use [B]Nero Cover Designer[/B] to print lightscribe labels.