No slashing of the Wii price this year!

I just posted the article No slashing of the Wii price this year!.

Focusing on high end graphics or high definition movie playback is of little use if the consumer is more interested in how much fun it will provide! Apparently this…

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It’s all about mass appeal.

It’s all about being a fad. The Wii is new and exciting, but the excitement wears off. However, once that happens, you, your friends and your family have already spent a lot of money on the consoles games and accessories.

Dont need pretty graphics to have a fun console sorry. Most people I know miss the old SNES/N64 consoles which were vastly better, especially for quality multiplayer games.

Yeah–categorizing this as a ‘fad’ or as ‘mass appeal’ is really oversimplifying. If that’s all it was, then the Wii would not even have taken off, nor be the current front runner. Add to that a news report in the last 3 months about people collecting the original Nintendo consoles and games–paying about the same amount ($30-$40 a title) JUST to get the old titles. Obviously has nothing to do with graphics, but rather a LOT to do with being a lot more ‘fun.’ A ‘fad’ doesn’t last; a good product does.