No simulation with Lite-on 451s@851s/Taiyo Yuden 4x dvd+r

Today I’ve burned my first Taiyo Yuden 4x dvd+r (YUDEN000T01). While I was at it, both Nero 6 and Stomp RecordNow max would not let me simulate the recording process. Does anyone know why? Is it because DVD+Rs in general are not capable of that or is it just media/drive compatibility issues? I have a Lite-on 451s@851s GS0C.

BTW, These DVDs are sold as Plextor 4x DVD+R 120min. And FYI, here’s the Kprobe scan @ 4x CLV, 8ECC.

ps. With some Lead Data 4x dvd-r I was able to use the simulate function.