NO SIGNAL problem when the DVD is activated



I have a problem with DVDR3595H. I have this DVD recorder for a while (more than one year) and till now I did not have any problem. On the beginning of this week I still record one movie in the evening, but the next day when I turn on again the DVD a NO SIGNAL occured on the TV (and on the display of DVD). It looks as there is no cable, or cable is discnnected … But I can not imagine this is the reason as nobody did nothing. The only thing that happen is that I have a 7 months old doughter and she has somehow sat on the remote controler - which consequently turn on the DVD. After that (I think) that NO SIGNAL occurred. Maybe it has something to do with the remote controler? On the other hand I do not know what could be a problem?
My connections are like that: I have IP TV, so first connection goes from Setup BOX via SCART cable to DVD recorder, then another SCART cable is going from DVD recorder to TV. The connections are OK, I checked them!!!
On the other hand I can of course normaly see the TV programs when the DVD recorder is turned OFF (so the cables and connections are fine), but when I turn on the DVD Recorder, the NO SIGNAL display occurred!

CAn someone help me with this? My SW version is 1.61.



Maybe the chosen input on the recorder changed? Can the DVD still play DVDs?


Yes, the DVD movies can be seen from the DVD disc.