No Signal From Wii



Hi everybody :flower:

I was about to hit a few ball in the baseball training, then all of a sudden I got nothing but a mesh of colors on the screen.:doh: Nothing would work. I tried to turn the wii off, but it would not power down unless I held the power switch for a few seconds or disconnect the power.
When I turn it on the eject works and the blue light is on … I hear the disk spinning … I just can’t get a signal. Nothing but a black screen.:disagree:

I figure there is some kind of hardware failure:rolleyes:, but I don’t know what, and I would like to find out in the hopes of getting and replacing the part myself. The wii is no longer under warranty. Can anyone help me with this problem.:confused:


Start here?


Thanks:flower: … I was at this site earlier and I found nothing that could help me with my current problem:disagree:, but it is a good reference site:iagree:.

Also I like to correct my earlier post … the blue light is NOT on when the disc is inserted.:doh:


Do you have the possibility to obtain a different Wii power supply and test that? Or bring your Wii to some Radio Shack or something and try and find out.


Hi there:flower: … no … I’m afraid I don’t:sad: … I’m still waiting for the tri wing screw driver I ordered so I can open it up and see if my bluetooth is seated properly.:iagree: If I don’t see anything:doh: all I can do is replace the bluetooth and see what happens. If not that then the wifi.


Well sir … once I got my screwdriver and had a look inside, I saw nothing wrong. The bluetooth and the wi-fi were properly seated. I ordered a bluetooth from ebay for under $7 installed it, got the same results:doh: … the wi-fi would have cost me another $15 to the door from ebay, but I was worried it would not solve the problem. :sad:

So I decided to bid on a wii console that wasn’t working. That way I’d have all the parts I need to get the wii going again. I won the bid and got the wii for under $16 to the door. This wii had a bad drive so instead of replace the wi-fi in the one I had to see if it worked … I replaced the drive in it with the one with no signal. And there you have it.:iagree: Working wii again :clap: I also got some more channels … don’t know what they do, but I have more of them.

Oh and I got rid of all those tri wing screws, they strip pretty easy and only cause problems.

With the research I did on the black screen of death, it was suppose to be either the bluetooth, wi-fi, motherboard or a corrupt NAND.:confused:

It was easier to replace the drive than try and figure out which part it needed for the BSOD problem. Therefore I still don’t know what the problem was but the main point is I have a working wii again.:flower: For those looking for a solution to the orginal problem sorry, but it did boil down to those four possibilities.


Seems you purchased a pre-hacked Wii.

Could you get rid of the awful big huge blue letter type in your posts please?


Pre hacked wii? Explain:p Sorry about the large letters its easier for me to read.


Tip for readability:

Press the left CTRL key, keep it pressed and now use the scroll wheel on your mouse upwards. See how all letters go bigger? Now you can use any kinds of letter sizes and still be able to read it.


If there are more channels, like the homebrew channel available then there’s a big chance this Wii has already been softmodded/hacked. In order to make sure you would have to post a picture of the main screen your Wii produces on this forum.


I like using the font size on the forum besides what’s the point in having the feature if it’s not used.:iagree: I won’t get crazy with it.

I really don’t think the wii has been hacked:disagree:. The channels on it don’t seem like anything people would hack for. These are the following channels on the wii.

Photo channel
Wii shop
Wii + Internet
Check mii out
Everybody votes

I see I can access the internet through the wii I have to get a adapter … don’t know why nintendo didn’t but the right jack in for the net:doh:, but it will be interesting to see.

When you say put up a photo, you mean a regular snap shot of the screen and upload it?



Nah doesn’t matter. I don’t see the Homebrew channel in there, so it’s probably not hacked. Just a bunch of worthless Wii channels.