No signal from capture device

i am posting again with more information hoping that someone can help, Nero hasnt got back to me so if there is someone who understands the problem please help. I am trying to copy (capture my videos to transfer them to dvd. the capture card seems to be picked up but the error message comes up

“failed to initialise the capture device, check device settings”.

the video device property bars on the right hand side of the screen are not highlighted so cannoted be used. Under the tv screen on the page the message is

“No signal detected, recording is disabled”

I have a pixelview play tv pro capture card which is working fine through windows media. how can i use the capture ability to copy my videos to ahrd drive and dvd if the program will not pick up the signal. i have tried to completley reinstall nero and on initial installation it worked however when all the updated had been installed the previous error messages were received Can anyone help me capture my videos

My guess is the capture drivers are not installed or are improperly installed. Have you checked device manager?

yes checked all that the problem seems to occurr aften the downloads