No sense info during quality scan

I am having problems with my 1640 that I purchased about 6 weeks back. I can burn a disk and verify it okay, but when I try and do a Nero CD/DVD Speed quality scan it fails saying no additional sense information(000000). It seems to be doing this on more and more scans. What is causing this and Is there a soluion to it? I have tried two different types of disks and both are giving these errors.

this is generally the result of scanning right after a burn without ejecting the disc…for some reason Nero dc/dvd speed does report the total disc space correctly…ie the disc is usually not exactly 4482mg(+R), probably 4471 or something so as it tries to read the missing data you get this error

there is nothing wrong with the disc…eject it and read it again

Thanks that seems to have sorted it. I don’t have Nero eject the disk after a Burn, which is probably why I get the problem.

your welcome

I am getting this problem again on every disk I burn. I have set Nero to eject the disk after burning, I have tried taking the disk out but I am still getting “no additional sense info” at varying places. I can put the disk back in at a later time and after scanning it it shows the same error. Can anyone provide any additional help on this?