No seek


Need some help with philips cdd 3610 with nero

every time i start to burn it runs for approx 1 min then stops with a “no seek error” “uhh”

you may have guessed that i am no pc whizz so any help would be great


Welcome to cdfreaks simon.m.cole :),

  1. Why do I get a ‘Media: No Seek Complete’ error message?

This can be caused by the following:

  1. Old firmware on the Recorder - go to the Recorder MFG’s web site to obtain the latest firmware for your model recorder. (You may be able to obtain it from this link as well: )

  2. Poor Media - Try more than one brand of media. For Example: TDK, Verbatim, Imation, Yamaha, HP, etc.

  3. Poor IDE Cable or Incorrect cable - for higher end Recorders these days if you use the 40pin cable you can have all sorts of unusual symptoms. It would be best to use an ATA-133 80 wire cable.

  4. Driver Conflicts - If you have another CD Recording software installed on your system, or had one installed, it’s drivers could be conflicting with our software. This is rare for this symptom, but it does occur. Uninstall any other Recording software and make sure all it’s drivers have been removed with it. Then reinstall Nero and make sure you have the latest version we have posted on our website at

  5. Defective Recorder - The optical head on your Recorder may need cleaning or servicing. Or it’s possible the Circuit board on your Recorder has an open Coil or blown diode or resistor. Any one of these could cause this. Only solution would be to send the drive in for service to the Recorder Manufacturer.

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