No seek complete

Just got this error with my HP 740b. no seek complete. After a serch for the forums I’m guessing that this is a media problem??

I’m using FUJIFILM(Ritek D01) +R DL. This is the first time I’ve used this media. I got it on sale. I have yet to get a good burn with it.

It looks like the 1st layer is ok. but the 2nd is crap. NERO scan disc gets to about 3.7gb and stops and the read speed drops off to nothing.

Can anyone tell me if this is a bad media problem?? I’ve burned Verbatum DL with no problem.



It absolutely is. Ritek is not reliable DL media, Verbatim is the only recommended brand.


OK, went out to OM and bought some Verbatim +R DL. No more “no seek”, and NERO completed the DVD. But, you knew there would be one :wink: , my puter and my DVD player (Pioneer DV-440) are having problems playing it :sad: . It will get about 60 to 70 min. in and freeze. If I go past that point using the menu it will play but it is choppy. Is this where the 2nd layer is. Is my burner (HP740) not working right, having trouble burning the 2nd layer?? I’m burning at 2.4X, should I slow it down to 1X??

I used DVDShrink to compress the movies and put them on a single layer DVD+R (HP) and it worked just fine.

Can anyone please tell me what I’m doing wrong.

Thanks, :bow: :bow: :bow:


HI :slight_smile:

I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong. I think either your HP burner does a so-so job writing these discs, or you player is picky with burning quality.

DL discs are tricky, the second layer is often burned with lesser quality than the first one, even in the best burners out there. So the second layer is “harder” to read than the first one.

Now if you standalone player is kinda picky, it will have a hard time switching to the second layer and reading it. Even more so if your burner does’nt do a perfect job when writing the second layer.

Another possiblity is that your player doesn’t accept DL media at all. Look in the manual to check this :wink:

EDIT* just saw you have reading problems in the burner itself… so it means it doesn’t do a good job when writing to the second layer. :frowning: - either drop DL or go for another burner…

Also check if there is not a firmware upgrade from HP for your burner. Maybe you have an early version that doesn’t write DL with good quality.

I just checked the HP site for firmware and they don’t have any for my drive (HP 740) :eek: . I’ve tried burning 4 more Verbatim DVD+R DL,with Nero express 6, Imgburn. The are all the same :Z . First layer is good and the second starts out so-so and just gets worse and worse :a :a .

I think I’ve given up with this burner for DL :doh: , I’ll just use it for the lightscribe and SL DVD’s.

The question I have now is. What is a :clap: GOOD :clap: DL burner for around $100 US.

You can get two at this price :wink:

About any new burner from Nec (3550/4550) , Benq (1640/1650), Pioneer (110D), Liteon (1693), LG (4167) or Plextor (716) will do. For $100 I think you can get the Plextor 716 (no sure though), can’t go wrong with it, probably the best. Cheaper, both the Benq and LG drives are outstanding burners. Just pick one :slight_smile: