No secuity risk in Morpheus

I just posted the article No secuity risk in Morpheus.

Nighthawk! used our newssubmit to tell us:

Several stories have been printed, leading with a story that was printed in the BBC Online, reporting a security leak in Morpheus. The report is not true…

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w00p i was right :slight_smile: “Reaction by LiGhTfast on Sunday 3 February 2002 probly a hoax to scare people off it Reaction by axia on Sunday 3 February 2002 “probly a hoax to scare people off it” i doubt it. you’d have to have some intelligence to know what this article means and the general public doesn’t posses that knowledge. this secutirty problem has been aroun for quite a while.”

You know what, I just copied some porn pictures from a Morpheus users hard drive. I have already send him a small e-mail saying something like your wife is a real hot blond. I’m waiting for his reply, maybe he is making new ones, who knows :slight_smile:

LiGhTfast…that was classic! Hehe…now I’m waiting for axia’s response. I hate it when people here say, “I know more than you and you dont know shit.” Aren’t we all on the same side here? Feel free to disagree with people…but you dont have to put them down in the process…PeAcE! :wink:

Wow Suomynona, you DL’d something from someones HD on morpheus, thats how it works duh :+

Sure, but witout having Morpheus installed! So it seems that it also works without prior installation of the software!