No screen output on PS2



Help !!

I’ve just taken my son’s PS2 apart when it stopped working (no power - no signs of life).

Found that the cable connecting the standby button to the box had come loose - was able to reconnect and we now have power.

However when booting up, there is no output going to the TV - not even a flicker. The CD spins, the fan comes on, everything seems to behave as normal but no screen output.

Fairly sure its not the AV cable.

Anyone able to help.

A despearate dad !!!


To rule the cable out for sure, have you tested the cable like playing a bit with it in case the cable looses the contact?


Not sure what you mean. I’ve tried wiggling it about, making sure its pushed in, cleaning the connectors, etc.

Anything else I should be trying ?


Yes that’s what i’ve meant. Also i had a similar problem a time ago with a defective cable, so that when i’ve pushed the cable in and hold it then i got the output, cause it lost signals.
You said standard av cable, how about tryin rgb scart cable?


Cable, blown fuse, or several other problems may cause it. Let’s not talk about those wires if that is chipped.:slight_smile: I suggest to visit for more help.

regards, Stephen