NO s/w will install

I am completely new to DVD/RW and have some newby q’s…

I posted this on a different thread - but thought it should actually be a new thread.

I have trouble installing ANY burning software. I have a brand new NEC 2500A which ame with Ulead VideoStuio DV - it hangs during install. I have tried installing Pinnacle Studio 8 - same thing. I had Nero express and NTI CD maker installed - but they would only see my CD-RW and not the DVD-RW.

I has JUST uninstalled both and now have NO CD or DVD burning s/w installed.

What is the best way yo clean the registry and “disable Windows XP’s built-in burn engine” ??

I should point out the 2500A is installed correctly and I can watch DVD movies with WIN DVD and the hardware is correctly recognised by XP.

I intend using the drive mainly for backing up the digital photos I take (hundreds each week) and also for creating DVD’s from the images captured on my Digital Camcorder. (Any suggestions for best apps to use?)


achilles you may have some luck from these previous posts: ( & (

Hey! Thanks for the prompt response. Have cleared out the registry and disabled IMAPI and about to reboot . . . fingers crossed.


OK - got it working! Thanks for the pointers.

Some minor points now - Nero only gives the option to burn at x2 or x4, despite using x8 media. It then proceded to burn at only x2 complaining that the source media was too slow - source is 160gb 7200 hard drive with 8mb cache - hardly slow!!

Interestingly Nero Express burns at x4 . . . Go figure.