No ROM Bit when burning +R DL


I just burned my fist DVD+R DL. Poorly the NEC drive (FW 2.18 LD v1.4) did not set the ROM Bit, although it was set in Binflash. It was a ISO burn using the Decrypter, NEC was in external USB2 enclosure. Great burn - except the Bit.

Why not read the documentation that came with the firmware? It explains this fully, regarding bitsetting and DL media. :wink:

Sorry, but I havn’t found the NEC in the Decrypter Booktype Options…

Is this a general Issue with the 2.18 FW or just the modded one ?


Its a problem that only seems to appear for some people with the base 2.18 firmware used for the modified firmware, which is different from the stock NEC 2.18 firmware, in that, it supports SL bitsetting for +R and +RW media.
I’ve had a look at DVD-Decrypter, it doesn’t seem to support temp bitsetting :frowning:
You could try using DVD-Shrink which i think supports this feature.


it seems the Decrypter supports the NEC via the RICOH settings…
If the Media weren’t so expensive I would do some testing…