No Ripping on 2500

I tried to rip movies from my collection; I could only rip and burned 1 movie out of 7 different ones.
Using DVD Shrink I got: “data error cycle redundancy check…” with almost every movie
I also try DVD decrypter and Smart Ripper and got stuck…
Everything seems to be in order ASPI, UDMA, etc…
I got my 2500 almost 10 days ago and ripping seems to be an impossible task.
I just finish my successfully second ripping (7GB) in about 35 minutes, its ok?
Is this the performance of the 2500? Or is another problem…

System: P4, 2.2MHz
256 Mb RAM
XP home edition

Are you using stock firmware?
Update to a riplock free firmware to increase your DVD video rip speeds.

Your 2500 seems to be a picky reader.
If your discs are scratched or dirty you may have problems.
Clean your discs and try ripping again.

Sorry, but what is stock firmware?
I’m using the original 1.06 firmware
where I can get a “riplock free firmware”
thanks a lot

stock = original.
See the READ FIRST: NEC Firmware and modding links thread stuck at the top of the forum.

Hi, I went to READ FIRST: NEC Firmware and modding links…and I understand how firmware works.
I didn’t want to change or update my Firmware because I want to know first if my 2500 works properly, and If I have to return it /replace it.
Ripping is not possible 90% of the times and when it’s ok (only 2 DVD’s) is very slow.
any help or idea?

Buy yourself a dedicated DVD-ROM drive and use that to rip instead of the NEC.

90% of the time is definitely not right… you may have a defective drive.
What IDE controllers/drivers do you have on your motherboard?
If you can, try the drive in another PC, if it still has problems ripping ‘90%’ of the DVD discs you throw at it, exchange it for another drive.

I have a FIC VI35L motherboard
BIOS Phoenix SAP41,
CPU Pentium 4 2.2 Mhz
System bus 133Mhz and 256 Mb RAM
I don’t know how to tell you what IDE controllers/drivers do I have.
I just want to know if it’s a drive problem and need to be replaced.
Thanks a lot!