No Riplock out of the box?

Hello all. I’m new to the board and I appreciate any advice you could provide. I’ve currently got an external (portable) BluRay Writer that I purchased off Ebay a few years back. It’s been ripping and writing fine for years but it seems to be on its last legs. The drive is a Matshita, and is very slow. I use MakeMKV and I’d like to be able to rip faster. I searched online because my read speed (6x) wasn’t coming close to that (barely 2x) and I heard about riplock.

I’m not techie enough to want to flash new firmware or anything crazy but I would like to purchase a new Portable BluRay Writer that people have had good luck with and ships without rip lock. I’m on a Mac. If anyone has any suggestions for something that rips fast (without riplock) and is available to purchase I would be very grateful.

Sorry I’m not great with the tech stuff and I also apologize if this is mundane or very basic for this board, but I’d love to get some insight from you guys who seem to have tried all the different brands and drives…

Thanks very much!

I’ve heard the LG WH14NS40 appears not to be rip locked, but that was from one reviewer’s observation. It would be nice if someone more knowledgeable could respond. If the LG is not rip ;ocked, would that make it a better drive to consider? I was leaning towards Pioneer, but ripping at 2X sort of defeats having an otherwise fast computer.

I’ve heard good things about LG… and the LG WH14NS40 in general, but it’s an internal drive. To make it external could work but ideally I’m looking for something slimmer and more portable.

Any slim drive will typically be half as fast as a half height (full size) drive. My LG WH14NS40 is already up to 6X 1:45 in to the rip, so I assume it’s not riplocked. 7.5X @ 4:00 in. 10.6X at the end… :cool: