No response.. Upgrade to DVD Platinum

I purchased DVD Gold a few months ago and just a week ago purchased the upgrade to DVD Platinium… I have sent a few emails from their website support with no response… I never received a new registration code… do you guys know is there a step I have missed?? I tried using my DVD Glod registration to no avail… does anyone know if support for DVDfab been discontinued?? any help would be appreciated… Thanks

Did you use this link? Make sure you have all your information at hand. Especially the e-mail address you used to buy it.

Did you get an email from Element 5? It could have went to your spam box.


That is exact link I used… I am not receiving any response… and yes I did get an email from Element 5, but it contained the purchase receipt… and no other information… has support been discontinued??

Find a post by Fengtao and click on his name on the upper left corner and send him a PM, and be nice with the words you use.
and include your order number and your email address

Element 5 sends the key 2 of 3 ways listed below when a purchase is made. Make sure your email can receive attachments. This applies to all products that Element 5 processes payment. The original key is sent by Element 5.

  1. If it is a short key it may be embed in the body of the email.
  2. A clickable link that works for 7 days.
  3. An attachment at the bottom of element 5’s email “Key.DVDFabPlatinum
    1K View Download”

Since the length of DVFab keys 2 & 3 are used for all purchases.


Make sure you include the e-mail from Element 5 in your contact.:iagree: