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hello boys and girls heres a nice ridel for you.

this computer im wrkin on was wrking but slowly, so i replaced the cpu with a better 1 i ha runing in a diff system. no joy comp turned on then turned of after a sec and would try again unles i killed the power at te mains. turn bck on and same result. so i replaced the origanel cpu, and the problem was still there, it turned its self of and i had 2 kill it at the mains ect. after a day mesin about with it swapin cpus, ram and power suply i gave up. put al the old conponats bck in and woldnt you no it wrked fine:(.

but me bin gready desided it wasnt a prob withe the cpu, so i tryed it again, same problem:sad:. bin mesin round wit it all day naw an getin fed up. i curently have 3 mobos 3 cpus 3 psus and 3 diff ram and no conbanation is wrkin. i have got it to stay runing with this combo i got naw but no post no beeps hdd lite is constantly on same with psu the cpu is doin sumthing, as the temp has rien from 20c to 29c

can some1 plz advize on any ideas b4 i lonch all thist hardware out the window thanx in advance x

Perhaps you can list the components? Then we can perhaps help.
List of the motherboards and BIOS version, CPU’s, RAM, and PSU’s?

hey dee

bios versions area un-nown i am afraid but hear is a basic list its all socket a so prity out dated im afraid

asrock-k7vm4 (was working b4 i mixed up the systems)
msi-kt6 delta ms-6590 ver:2 (again working b4 this)
pc chips-m848a rev:2.1 (dont no if this one is any good)

cpu,s all socket a
di-41 xp3.2 code:-axda32000dky4e (working b4)
athlon code:-axd2600dkv4d (worked b4)
and a unown amd socket a the only makes on it are amd it was made in malaysia and the number 27111 in the corner no other hall marks

512mb ddr 333mhz
256mb ddr pc266
256mb 266mhz
256mb 266mhz
256mb unown mhz or pc
i have acwierd a few more ram as u can see bu no luck

codegen 350w (origanel in the msi mobo and worked)
hec-250ar-ptf 230v (was in storage so dont no if works properly)
atx-250w(was workink with the asrock mobo)

the 512mb ram was in the asrock and wrked, and 2 of the 256mb were in the msi and worked as for the rest of the ram i dont no but was asured it all workes.

can a problem with the cpu trash a mobo?? as i had 2 independent working systems that naw refuse to work.

i no this is a very vaig qustion and hope you like a chalange as i considere myself to no wat im doing an its got me stumped as the posabilaty of all cpus are trashed or mobos or ram or psus, is very unlickly though i no there should be atlest 2 working systems in this lot

thanx dee x
any other posts will be apritated ppl thanx to all in advance

A lot of variables there :frowning:

Can you test the HDD in a working PC?

When you switch components you should reset the CMOS on the MB each time, be sure to pull the power plug before doing so.

i no a lot of veribels but wat i dont get is full systems that worked b4 dont naw . i hve rest bois options by jmper for ech setup thanx eric any other idias?

can a problem in say the cpu trash a motherboard it then gets changed 2? as this is the only thing i can tink of naw as it looks like all conponants are naw bugered, i no thre a lota veriabels, i try not to ask on rorams as normaly i enjoy working out theys problems but am conpletly at a los here.

i need 2 no if there is a way of checing indervidual conponants, thanx 4 the help but still need help. thanx all

The way you listed and informed us of the problem is problematic as trying to read your grammar and spelling doesn’t help us understand what combination and problem your exactly having? What I would say is have read and looked over each of the mobo manuals-that should be your other source to read look over to see what correct changes you need to make to check for to see if the mobo is working. As with anything computer configuration and setups vary by components and parts you put into it and with so many variables it’s hard to give a accurate diagnosis. But as anything one has to read the owners’ manual to understand the inner working of their computer if one isn’t doing that our help can’t be of much help if one doesn’t know the working of the mobo.