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Hi all, I posted a problem here a week ago and although about 60 people read my post I got no feed back. That’s ok if no one has an answer. I read in other posts that a copy should be sent however I have not heard from them either. I have now downloaded the update to MJ3 3.08.017 and successfully created a backup of a dvd and this time the sound was ok on both svcds. Thoughts welcome from Jack developers.

Tell me the email address you used for sending us the error log and I’ll try to find out where your email went to :slight_smile:
About the sound problem: You see, we’re not sleeping all day, sometimes it’s just pretty difficult to track down a problem. Especially if the conditions under which it occurs are pretty obscure :slight_smile:

Hi Dark
The e-mail addy I used was the one that was suggested in another thread as advised for someone who had an MJ3 prob.
Thanks for your prompt reply. I apologise if my post appeared a bit blunt and to the point.

Sorry, I meant your email address :slight_smile: It was obvious that you sent your email to :slight_smile:
At present, it’s summer time that means a number of people from our company are on holiday and everything :slight_smile: You can be sure, even if you don’t get a personal reply, all emails will be evaluated.

Problem resolved since I downloaded latest update and thankyou I did receive a response from the company. :smiley: