No recording speed in PlexTools


I’ve been struggling for some time to burn an audio CD using either Plex Tools or Nero 5.5. When I try to burn an audio CD using Plextools no recording speed is displayed in the drop-down box. In addition when I try to burn in Nero 5.5, nero will crash stating “burn was unsuccessfully at XX speed”, even when XX speed is the lowest possible setting.

However I can burn CDs with Windows Media Player using its own burn engine. I believe it maybe something to do with WMP having exclusive recording rights to the CD-RW drive and blocking any other program?

Can somebody please tell me whether this is or isn’t the case. If it is the case how do I get round it?

Many Thanks

O/S - Windows XP Pro, CD-Drive PX-320A.

Some more information that may prove useful:

The recording tab on the DVD/CD-RW drive for enabling CD recording is unchecked. In addition IMAPI burning service is disabled.