No recording on LVW-5005 on any media



I am having trouble recording on my LVW-5005 ON DVD+R 4X, DVD+R 8X AND DVD-R 4X MEDIA. The screen says it is preparing or it says it is not an accepted media and it just hangs.


If it less than a year old I would contact LiteOn to RMA the unit back if you are using media that is on the approved media list for the 5005 or 5006. I’m having the same problem with different media and my 5005 will work consistently with only ProdiscF01’s now. There are phone numbers and email addresses for both PC based and standalone products (Consumer Electronics) here . Use the CE number and link for the 5005.


I have had the same problem as well but my most consistent media was hp +R 8x.
use the good advice from im647.